The Signal Box Community Centre

Hire Terms and Conditions

Before your booking can be confirmed you must inform us that you have read and understood the Terms & Conditions and Lettings Policy set out below:

‘Management’ means The Signal Box Centre Trustees/Management
‘Hirer’ means any person making a booking at The Signal Box
‘The Signal Box’ means The Signal Box Community Centre
‘Children’ refers to those under 18 years old

The Signal Box rooms are available for hire, together or separately, for any lawful purpose. The room(s) hired must only be for the purpose(s) stated on the booking form or in correspondence with management.

The Signal Box operating hours are 8am to 9.30pm, Monday to Sunday.



Terms of hire

The hirer shall enter the building only at the times agreed and is responsible for securing the  building on leaving. 

Key safe code given following confirmation of booking.  

All music (live or recorded) shall cease at 9pm and must be no louder than  75db.  

Attendees to leave quietly by 9.30pm at the latest as this is a residential area. Children are not allowed in the kitchen. 

Smoke machines, glitter, portable heaters, generators, or power machinery must not be used. 

All rubbish shall be removed from the premises or placed accurately in recycling containers  as agreed with the centre management.  

The Management reserves the right to invoice the hirer £25 if cleaning is required after the  booking. 

Rooms and furniture shall be left as they were found. Ensure windows and doors are shut. No smoking in the Signal Box or within 3 metres of the building.  

If groups wish to use their own electronic equipment, they may need to provide a current  test certificate.


The Signal Box will not be licensed for the sale of alcohol at any time. 

There is no car parking on site, the nearest parking is metered at a reasonable rate around 100  yards away. Drop-off parking at the centre is possible, space permitting. 

Maximum numbers allowed standing: Great Western Room 50; Eastern Room 25. The Signal Box must not be left unattended at any time. 

The hirer must be the last one out before locking up the property and returning key to key safe. 

The hirer shall ensure that all participants enter & exit the building quickly and quietly to  minimise any disruption to residents.  


Insurance and liabilities  

All hirers are strongly advised to have their own legal liability insurance, such as  Employers Liability; third Party Liability etc. 

Management does not accept liability for loss or damage to property, or for personal  injury unless caused by negligence of management. 

Any damage, breakage, removal or theft to The Signal Box premises or property shall be charged  to the hirer at replacement cost. 

Management reserves the right to terminate a hire with immediate effect in the event of drug  or alcohol misuse. 

Licenses/permissions for music, theatre, dance, film (performance or reproduction) are the  responsibility of the hirer. Management may require the production of relevant licenses. 

Anything over and above these terms must be agreed with management in writing. The hirer  may be required to produce a paper copy of this at the time of hire.  


Hirer’s responsibilities  

Hirers must be aged 18 or over. 

Hirers, or their representatives by prior agreement, must be present for the entire  session. Participants will be refused entry if the hirer is not present. 

All hire is subject to the Terms and Conditions in this document. Hirers must check the box to  sign acceptance of these prior to hiring. 

Hirers must be aware of, and responsible for any guests consuming alcohol.

Fire safety  

The hirer shall ensure that: 

All fire exits are kept clear. 

All fire doors remain closed.  

No fire equipment shall be tampered with or moved from its place, except in the case of fire.

Costs incurred due to misuse of fire equipment shall be charged to the hirer in full. The  hirer shall not use: or allow any items to be used on the premises which involve a naked  flame, such as candles or incense sticks. 

Any costs incurred by the hirer’s failure to comply with fire safety shall be borne by the  Hirer. 



No request for hire shall displace an existing booking. 

Where a booking is made by an organisation or group, two people to be named as the  responsible hirers. 

15 minutes is allowed either side of the booking for set up and tidy away. 

e.g. if a room is booked 2-3pm hirers can arrive at 1:45pm at the earliest and leave by  3:15pm at the latest as another booking may be arriving at 3:15pm for a 3.30pm start. 

Hirers using the kitchen to prepare food to sell must comply with food hygiene regulations.


The Signal Box Management has the final say in the category of hire. 

All one-off bookings must be paid in advance in full using the online booking system. 

For block or regular ongoing bookings contact the Signal Box for availability. For these  bookings an invoice will be issued by email at the beginning of the following month.  Electronic payment is due within 7 days.  



The Signal Box Management may cancel a booking on the day because of events beyond its  control – such as fire, flood, power failure, severe weather incident, civil disturbance or  public health issue. 

Hirer’s cancellation of an event with less than three weeks’ notice will normally be charged 50%  of the hire charge. 

Hirers will be liable for the full charge for any bookings cancelled with less than seven  days written notice.  

If you have questions, please get in touch.  


 The Signal Box Centre