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SIN Cru Valoris


Friday Evening

Are an arts organisation based in Hip Hop Culture.

SIN stands for Strength In Numbers, and in 26 years of activity have always believed that people are better working together, communities are happier united, and artists are stronger with support from fellow artists with a shared passion.

Their vision is realised through C.A.S.E : Culture, Art, Style and Expression. With performance, exhibition and education, we develop safe and creative ways for all peoples to access arts and culture.

Find out more: Strength In Numbers – hip hop culture heritage. championing greatness in artists for flourishing futures (



Every other Monday 6.00-7.30pm 

Qigong, pronounced “chi gong,” is an ancient Chinese movement art that boosts our overall health and wellbeing.

In these classes, we use our body, breath and awareness to access and awaken our energy system, bringing immediate physical and mental benefits and laying solid foundations for deeper transformation.

The class is run by Tiffany. You can find out more at or contact Tiffany at

Cambridge Historical Fencing

Every Wednesday 7-9pm

We are a HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) also known as historical fencing club.

Our primary focus is 18th/19th century sabre and 18th century smallsword.

Come make new friends and stab them!

This class is run by Kerri. If you are interested in joining contact her directly by email: or visit

Table Tennis


Most Sundays 6.30-9pm and occasional Saturdays. Sessions run based on the number of players that sign up each week through a WhatsApp group.

This is an opportunity to play table tennis and improve through practice.

We have two tables and some very keen players. This activity is free, everyone is welcome.

If you are interested in playing contact us directly by email:

Little Explorers Montessori Nursery


Monday-Friday 8am-3pm

At Little Explorers play is in the heart of our practice as children learn and develop, in an enjoyable way, through play.

Here, our little explorers can be spontaneous and freely choose what to be engaged with and who to play with, alone or with others.

Each child is unique. Montessori practical approach allows children to work independently, at their own pace and making choices.

For more information visit